Sunday, August 19, 2018

Welcome to an AY a day!  Below is the schedule for the next 7 days:

8 am Pacific Time session:
August 20 - AY#399. Differentiation in turning – arm, head, and leg
August 21 - AY#400. Side-sitting and the movements of the legs
August 22 - AY#401. Distancing the toes
August 23 - AY#402. Turning the palms of the hands
August 24 - AY#403. Getting up in a turn
August 25 - AY#404. Bending with the help of the feet in contact
August 26 - AY#405. Crossing the leg behind (1)

To join the meeting at 8 am Pacific Time:

6 pm Pacific Time session:
August 20 - AY#158. Lengthening the arms to the sides
August 21 - AY#159. Standing on one leg
August 22 - AY#160. Sliding the back of the hands behind the back
August 23 - Book Club - Thinking and doing
August 24 - AY#161. Separating the spaces in (between) the toes
August 25 - AY#162. Balancing on the hands (1)
August 26 - 163. Preparation for a headstand, #1

To join the meeting at 6pm Pacific Time:

An AY a day is a daily online ATM study group open to all Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees. The premise is simple - each day we go through an Alexander Yanai lesson together. One person volunteer to read directly from the book, and the others do the lesson. A short discussion follows immediately after the lesson.

Join us as often as you like in the convenience of your own home - come daily, every other day, once a week, once a month.  Meet practitioners from all over the world.  The study group starts at 8 am and 6 pm sharp Pacific Time.  Please log on at least 5 minutes ahead of time.  Type in your full name and location (ex. Kwan Wong, San Francisco) when you log in.  Mute your mic when you are not talking to avoid sound interference.  Point your camera to yourself during the lesson if possible, so that the reader can follow your movements.  No recordings are made with some exceptions due to copyrights concern.

Please go to if you need to convert your time zone. To join the meeting, sign up at and log on by using the Zoom links above.

Transcripts of 550 lessons from the Alexander Yanai classes are available to Practitioners and Trainees through the International Feldenkrais Federation website. AY lessons may be purchased Individually, in 50-lesson volumes, or as a collection of 11 volumes.

If you want to volunteer to read a lesson, use the sign-up sheet below.

You can still comment on the lesson and interact with other colleagues even if you have missed the Zoom meetings.  Please join our facebook discussion group if you are interested:

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