Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welcome to an AY a day!  Below is the schedule for the first 7 lessons:

June 1 - AY#1 Bending the head to the side while sitting
June 2 - AY#2 Seeing the heels
June 3 - AY#3 Rolling to sit with the elbows
June 4 - AY#4 Sitting Indian fashion
June 5 - AY#5 Equalizing the nostrils
June 6 - AY#6 Turning the head around its circumference and in the center
June 7 - AY#7 Seeing the heels while lying on the stomach

We will meet every single day in the month of June.  There will be no study group on July 7-10, 2017.  Please check this page periodically for the current schedule.

The study group will start at 8 am sharp PDT - Pacific Daylight Time.  Please log on at least 5 minutes ahead of time.  Try to mute your mic when you are not talking to avoid sound interference. 

Please go to if you need to convert your time zone.  To join the meeting, sign up at and log on to

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